We've won all the same awards as the last persons portfolio site you went to. And probably the next persons page too. From Cannes Lions to One Show Golds to The Webby's to Clios, Comm Arts and Applied Arts etc. etc. We used to list every single award we'd ever won (probably over 100!) on a page with the date. But then we had an off year and there was a bit of a gap so it didn't look as impressive! So now we have this blurb to reassure you that, yes, we've won lots and lots of awards. But here's what you really need to know...
We haven't won a D&AD. So we're currently working on that.
Our philosophy on awards? We think the general culture around them can frankly be super cringe! But we still love winning them and hate losing them. Now our main goal is just to create amazing work that gets covered, and that gets people in the real world talking. Or learning. Or buying. Or just thinking, "damn, that was pretty cool".  
And if it wins an award after that...sweet!


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