For a few years we helped run the Tangerine account. These were a few of our favourite highlights, including their type videos that continue to run to this day. 

The world's craziest testimony from one of the world's hardest working people. This was an ad for a bank!
Award: Advertising Design Club of Canada - Film
That's why we made this
Money can be tough. You wanna do stuff. Go places. Buy things. Try that new tapas restaurant. But you have bills. You wanna save. Tangerine's here to help. That's why they made this. 
Tangerine is a Canadian online bank. This is a campaign we did to launch their new app interface that lets you see your money better and stay on top of your finances.
Tangerine Savings Account
These typography videos were done in an emergency. There was a last minute new savings card launch and they needed something done by the end of the week, and they had next to no money to do so. 
 Six years later and Tangerine is still making these videos.
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