A self-indulgent section of our website where we talk about all the other creative stuff we do! Sorry! But when we're not trying to come up with the next game-changing ideas for the brands we work for, we're applying our creativity in other ways. 
Like these kinda ways...
"During the day I'm working with AI, Tik-Tok, and a plethora of other vaguely futuristic mediums. At night I am playing very sad country music from the 1940's." - Jesse
Learn more about Weepin' Dave and The Diamond Boys here!
And we got this ridiculously awesome artist who's designed logos and merch for Willie Nelson, the Rolling Stones and a million others to design our logo! 
And before this was in a variety of bands. Toured all over North America, had music videos on Much Music (when that was a thing), opened for some of Canada's most famous musicians and lived in a smelly ass van.
if you ever want to talk about guitars or guitar pedals please do not hesitate to contact me.
Scared Guy 
Being a creative comes with a lot of pressure and self-doubt. Am I good enough? Do I know what I'm doing? These creative anxieties are a gift and a curse and this series of posters were born out of those feelings.  Designed to convey the feelings of being exposed, and unprotected. - Gerardo Agbuya
Accolades: Pinterest Artist of the Week
Oh man. A "photography" section. Yikes!
But on the other hand would it really be a creative portfolio if this section didn't exist? In fact, we're proud to carry on the tradition of art directors and copywriters who also think they're artsy photographers because they have cameras. 
If you haven't had enough... this site is more frequently updated. 
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